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kekepania86 submitted:


Your blog is perfect, meshing two of my favourite things! I think I’m in love!

Thank you very much!

~ mollymatterrs

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Anonymous sent: I want George saying: Were you in love with her, Darcy? Did you honestly think she'd want you when she had someone like me?

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Anonymous sent: Will you guys be posting anything anytime soon!?

Probably after May 16th, when I have more time to devote to internet things and not university “shit-I’d-better-get-this-in-otherwise-I’ll-fail” things.

Eleanor x

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Anonymous sent: Out of curiosity, how many outstanding requests do you have?

A lot, about 30+ at last count.

Eleanor x

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Anonymous sent: How come you haven't done Dizzie to "At Last I See the Light" from Tangled? I would love to see that.

Sorry Nonny; the askbox is currently closed for requests whilst I play catch up on all outstanding requests.

Eleanor x

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Anonymous sent: This isn't a request, this is just me asking your opinion. If we were to take LBD and EA and place them in a Disney move (not the same movie, two separate ones), which ones would you choose? (I'm thinking Beauty and the Beast for LBD, which is kinda obvious, and The Princess and the Frog for EA, with Knightley as Tiana and Emma as Naveen, but I still want your imput)

I’d say that Beauty and the Beast is kind of perfect for LBD, but for Emma Approved, I’d say that Tangled suits it more than The Princess and the Frog, because you’ve got an overly excitable and thinks-she’s-not-naive-when-she-actually-is female protagonist (Emma/Rapunzel) and a sarcastic but in the end kind of adorkable male protagonist (Alex/Flynn).

Eleanor x

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Requested by prosepeare, anonymous and fantasticalnonsense18, but I switched it so Lizzie was the awkward one.